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The capital city of Hunan province is the Changsha city which covers an area about 11.8 thousand square kilometers, with a population of 7 million inhabitants. The Changsha city can be dated back to the Spring and Autumn period. It has more than 4000 years history. In the Tang dynasty, it was developed into the highest point and into the blooming period. After the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, Changsha became an important interior port and a commercial and industrial city. It has been listed into one of the historical and cultural cities of China because of its long history and dense culture. It attracted seas of tourists both from home and abroad each year. Nowadays, it has 6 districts, 2 counties and 1 city subordinated to the Changsha city.

Yuelu Academy, one of the famous four academies in ancient China, is situated at the foot of Yuelu mountain. It was built in the year of 976AD, in the Song dynasty, 233 years older than Cambridge University and 660 years older than Harvard University. It still accepts the graduates and is protected at the state level.

The Lecture Hall, a place to hold important teaching activities and a core part of the academy. There are many renown plaques, couplets and stone tablets in the academy, which highlights the Chinese calligraphy. This academy was built mainly for holding sacrifice ceremonies, storing books and teaching activities. It is a miniature of the ancient Chinese education.The Great Hall, built to memory the greatest philosopher, Confucius. The architectures shared the same style with the Imperial Palace, red walls and yellow tiles.

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