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Tujia Folk Custom Park

Tujia Folk Customs Park

This park is located in the downtown of Zhangjiajie. It only takes about 10 minutes from the railway station, bus station and Hehua airport. After few days’ sightseeing, it can not be better to appreciate the cultural beauty of Zhangjiajie, especially know more about the architecture, folk custom and culture of Tujia people, Miao people and Bai people. This park is different from other parks because it not only introduces what it is, but also invite tourists to participate in many local activities, such as drinking welcome guest wine, hand waving dancing and singing. Nowadays, it provides accommodations, entertainments and shopping.

Usually, when you visit this park, the Tujia girls will deliver you a cup a wine to show their hospitalities and the Tujia boys will play drums and Suona(a kind of ancient local instrument) to welcome you.

All these stone tablets and pillars demonstrate the exquisite and delicate carving skills. They aimed to tell some stories about this place. It was said that the totem of Tujia people was the white tiger. There are many sayings about the totem of Tujia people. A famous one said that the white tiger was the ancestor of Tujia people and it could protect the local people from evil spirits. White tiger is highly respected by the Tujia people. This park was originally built in the Ming dynasty by a famous local emperor Peng. In the Yuan dynasty(800 years ago), western Hunan was governed by a special political system which means that the local government could have their own development policies and was authorized to deal with the local affairs, but the local government should pay taxes to the central government. It is wise to resolve contradictions and have peaceful relationships between different nationalities.

This building is called Jiuchongtian, which literally means these houses are reaching to the sky. In ancient China, “Jiu” or “nine” symbols the highest position and authority, so only can emperor use the character. We can imagine the significance of this holy place. This building is a whole part along a hill and is connected only by wood without using steels or cement. In 2002, it was listed into the Guinness Records for its delicate design. In the houses exhibits many Tujia and Miao people’s farm tools, costumes, ornaments and silver goods.

Maybe you have watched this kind of acrobatics before, but the performance in this park is different because these performers are more than 80 years old. All performers just for enjoyment and performance is free.

Before the night of getting married, the bride will not be so happy. On the contrary, she will cry with her best friends. Usually, she cries with real tears. This custom among local Tujia people is called “Marriage Crying”. It is a way of showing attachment to her parents and relatives and she dose not want to leave away from them. It is also a way of showing anguish to matchmakers and parents who usually decide on her marriage, particularly in feudal society. Meanwhile, marriage crying songs were formed. The bride would sing with repeated rhythm but new words. This custom is typically a mirror of feudal marriage.

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