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Tianmen mountain

Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park

     Tianmen mountain,1518.6 meters high, is the highest mountain in Yongding district, the downtown city of Zhangjiajie. It became a 5A scenic area in China. It was famous for several wonders and miracles.


     The Tianmen Cave. It is deserved the name as “the natural mountain-penetrating karst cave with the highest elevation in the world” with 1300 meters in height. The Russian air force warriors, the French spiderman, as well as the wing-suit flyer were attracted here to show their fascinating skills. In 1997, the Russian air force warriors piloted the planes to fly through the cave. In 2007, the French spiderman climbed the cave. In 2011, Jeb Corliss, an American sportsman wearing wingsuit, flied through this cave. In 2013, the second session of wingsuit flying race was held here. There are 999 heaven-reaching stairs. And there are five platforms along the stairs. They are wealth, happiness, longevity, salary and fortune. The turbulent water of Tianmen mountain. It is unbelievable that Tianmen cave appeared wonders of roaring floods in the seasons of serious drought on the cliff. The turning of Tianmen cave. It is said that the cave is turning slowly from north to northeast direction.


     The Tianmen cable way. It is 7455 meters long and it takes an average of 28 minutes to the top of mountain. The cable way sends tourists from the foot of the mountain to the top straightly. You can enjoy the sceneries all the way in the cable, just like flying towards the sky. And this cable way got a reputation as “the first-class mobile sightseeing gallery in the air”.


     The Tianmen road, the heaven-reaching road. It is over 10 kilometers long and winds up with 99 sharp turns. On August, 2013, a car racing was held here. Each turn placed an auspicious unicorn-like animal. It is said that unicorn-liked animals appeared in the forest of the top mountain.


     The Glass Plank Road. The plank road is suspended from the cliff. It is absolutely a breathtaking experience of skywalk on the cliff.


     The Tianmen Temple. It is located in the deep Tianmen mountain. It can really be called “the temple of heaven”. It attracted thousands of pilgrims from all directions coming here to show their respect and worship to God, to cultivate their minds and characters in addition.

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